Adawiya A. Rahman

FB・23 March 2020

We met and consulted 10 different IDs/Contractors before we both decided with Tab Gallery.

We were assigned to Gabriel and Kevin and what stood them out from the rest of the renovation companies were that they were very approachable,
they reply to all of our queries, doubts at even odd hours of the day.

It has been rather easy for us to communicate with them. Sure, there were some hiccups throughout our renovation journey and some delays due to the holiday seasons,
but they were professional and we could see that they did tried their utmost best to accommodate and reschedule what was necessary.

Ultimately, we are happy and satisfied with our house.
We are glad and appreciative to have engaged them as our contractor ID.
The both of us wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to our friends and families (which we already had!) or even to anyone looking to renovate their house.

Once again, thank you to Kevin, Gabriel and the teams involved!