Chong FweeLin

FB・27 April 2021

Being a first time homeowner, there are bound to have a lot of ideas, questions, uncertainties, etc in mind to ponder about.
Therefore making a wise choice of which ID firm/company to engage for renovation is very important and a difficult one to make.
I’m glad that I made the wisest choice to engage Tab Gallery for my 4-room resale HDB renovation.

It’s my privilege to have Michael and Gabriel to walk me through the entire renovation process.
Gabriel was the first to serve me with his superb communication and followup skills during the initial phase of site and quotation consultation.

Michael then came into picture with his expertise and professionalism in the industry, coordinating and leading the entire team during the most tedious part of the renovation.

It was and has been a fuss free and enjoyable experience, knowing that every details of my house were in good hands, even after post renovation where defects were rectified and resolved.

What left me a deep impression was Michael’s relentless effort and diligence to make sure that every request being met, work being carried out and done perfectly, site inspection as and when there were work progression, etc. He made his very best effort to make every request possible even though some were not included in the quotation with no additional cost incurred! Michael not only did almost all the coordination, gave recommendation and opinion of the dos and don’ts, he was like a handyman as well. Fixing and changing worn out hinges of built in wardrobe and door which I insisted to keep them instead of doing new ones, they were as good as new after some minor upgrading and beautifying by Michael.

Indeed Tab Gallery has fulfilled their company vision of “Making Your Home A Sanctuary”, turning my resale HDB into a sanctuary.

Many thank you/s to Michael and Gabriel, all staffs and contractors of Tab Gallery for making my home so beautiful and cosy.

Appreciated all of your time and hard work that have been put in!