Elizaa John

FB・6 April 2021

One thing is for sure - Tab Gallery stands by their tagline. They certainly turned my 37-year-old resale flat into my cozy sanctuary!

Andy, my amazing ID, was a dream to work with all the way. From the onset, he was game enough to take on the complete overhaul of my home. After working through repeated drafts and discussions, Andy and his team swung into action regardless of Covid-related delays.

I struck gold with Wayne as my on-site supervisor a.k.a. Mr 24/7. He has always been on top of things, prompt to rectify hiccups and is still following up with post-reno issues long after I have shifted in. Ever-accomodating, he has been my most gallant handyman, helping out with nitty gritties, whether they were touch-up jobs or putting up my numerous paintings. It was always service with a smile.

I personally watched in absolute awe of the transformation of my home during its facelift. Every single team worked in perfect tandem. Loved their attention to detail ; quality workmanship was never compromised. It is no wonder why my family, friends and new neighbours rave about my home.

Thank you Tab Gallery for your commitment and professionalism in making good on your promise- definitely a premier ID company in every sense of the word!