Eugene Ng

FB・02 April 2018

5* ID service from Tab Gallery

Type: 4 room HDB resale

Cost: $38k

ID: Kelvin and Marco

We took more than 3 months to review and source for 15+ IDs (was quoted between $35k to $70k+ by the IDs) before selecting Tab Gallery in early Oct 17. 1st hacking was done end Oct17 and completed end Jan18, slight delay from expected completion of End Dec17.

We were initially a little worried as the resale flat was really run down (17yrs old and tenanted/not taken care off) but Marco done a really good job transforming the house into becoming our dream home.

Marco took responsibility for the whole house, continuously updating us on progress while keeping to Budget with no hidden charges. He also shared with us some money saving tips and in helping us to source for lighting and fans.

Why I will recommend them:

1. All in pricing:

No surprises and everything was kept to within Budget, even with the rundown condition. Hear stories on additional charges by other IDs after Reno started.

2. Value for Money:

One of the most value for money among the 15+ IDs visited. On average it cost 42-46k for what I want which includes: full house hacking, re-tiling, removal of kitchen low wall, carpentry, replacement of doors and metal gate etc (excludes: Electrical which was nicely done up by Uncle Tommy, friends can PM me for his contact)

3. Allow use of credit card:

Yes there is a 3% charge for using CC but I use Standard Chartered Manhattan card which gives me back the 3%. Reason is this allows me to fall-back on credit card charge back rights, in the event company shuts before work commence.

4. Additional Effort:

To help us keep to Budget, Marco helped us to source for cheaper lighting (Philips)/Fans (KDK) in JB and transport back to SG. My Wife and me also enjoyed the JB trip in with him (massage/food). Overall savings of around 50% vs getting in SG.