Gavin Goh

FB・14 Aug 2019

When the date of key collection is drawing near, me and my wife is busy looking for interior designers and we came across Tab Gallery's post of a completed project from Compassvale, which we really like the overall feel and look of the flat. Hence, we contacted Marco as he was the one whom manage that project.

Marco is a very friendly, yet professional person. My wife is pregnant at that time, and he volunteered to drive us to a showflat when we requested to see a sample flat. He was not pushy throughout that flat tour and show us around the flat while answering our queries patiently!

After confirming everything, we were introduced to Yuki, whom is the one that design our flat (also the one whom design the Compassvale flat). We told her that we want something similar to the Compassvale flat, and she drafted some 3D drawings which me and my wife likes. We tweaked some colors to our liking, and Yuki guided us through and giving recommendations on what color should we pick for the walls, cupboards, vinyls etc.. and the whole result is surprising!!

Finally, the day of key collection has arrived and Marco arranged everything required to start the renovation on our designated time. Workmanship for the tiles, vinyls, carpentry, plumbing is very good despite being provided with the short timeline (due to CNY and the workers rest for 2 weeks).

I myself is a OCD, where i can see minor defects/flaws. I made multiple numbers of complaints to Marco (which some people might not even notice), and Marco tried his best to arrange to get them resolved, with no questions asked!

Thats not all, even when we are choosing our lights, ceiling fans, electronics and even furnitures, Marco and Yuki went all the way out to give suggestions and recommendations on which brand of electronics, what color of furnitures to buy. We bought all our furnitures from Malaysia and we took photos and spammed both of them, and they look through what we send them and recommend accordingly!

Me and my wife will like to express our utmost gratitude to both Marco and Yuki for transforming our first BTO into a place we called home! Thank you!