Amirah Rahaman

FB・17 April 2021

I must say that finding a contractor that we can rely and trust on is definitely the hardest thing we ever had to deal with especially when our experience with the previous contractor was not so pleasant. We have been tolerating with the previous contractor as they are not responsive enough and it can take weeks for them to respond to us.

After 3 months of waiting we finally came to a decision that we need to find another contractor instead. We did go for few session with other renovation contractors
and compared every quotes given.

Finally we manage to find one that we decided to work with and that is Tab Gallery as they are very reliable and recommended ID, Michael and Gabriel. Very friendly and approachable. Michael and Gabriel were able to give us assurance and their quote is definitely reasonable than the other contractors had to offer us.

Michael and Gabriel are very responsive and have been there from the start till end. My husband and I would like to thank Michael and Gabriel for helping us out through out the renovation period.

Overall we are very satisfied with the renovation outcome. Definitely will recommend Tab Gallery to my friends and families😊