What Our Clients Say About Us

Agnes Chan

FB・1 Aug 2022

The quality of carpentry workmanship is commendable. Excellent is all I can say.

ting t

Google・23 July 2022

I'd say this was a challenging project, but you guys nailed it.

Elaine Tan

FB・27 June 2022

The carpenter is also very skillful and friendly. Thanks again for the Good Job done!

Kavitha Subramaniam

Google・18 June 2022

Overall, truly satisfied with the workmanship and service.

Aisyah nazri

Google・18 June 2022

After sales service is good as well. We have no complain regarding service, material and workmanship.

Nurnadiah Sa'ad

Google・4 June 2022

Completion date was way earlier than expected! Really really satisfied with the workmanship and service rendered.

Kimchi Kimchi

FB・28 May 2022

Thumbs up for Tab, Kelvin and Eleven for resolving the issue and it does prove that the company is determined and sincere in doing buisiness and longer term partnership.

Seah Hai Soon

Google・28 May 2022

We are happy that our renovation went smoothly with the efforts given by them.

Kenneth Yee

FB・27 May 2022

We really enjoyed this journey with him and definitely will look for him again in future

Lydia Heng

Google・21 May 2022

The window and carpentry works are also really good

Franco Lim

FB・14 April 2022

Good experience with Tab Gallery’s Crystal and Michael .

Nurul Natasha

FB・12 April 2022

Elson and Wei Jun are very sociable and helpful people! Throughout the whole process of planning to the end of the project and beyond.

Yijun Sheng

Google・6 Apr 2022

该公司人员Crystal 服务耐心,有问题能积极反应,最后还特地过来帮我补墙和补油漆。非常好,非常推荐

Siti Nurtifah Omar

Google・6 Apr 2022

I am glad and grateful to have shawn and hana as our ID.

Ling Weiilun

FB・04 April 2022

A very Big Thanks to Wesley from Tab gallery. Thank you for all the effort and hard work you put in on our renovation project!

E.S. Leet

Google・30 Mar 2022

Jessie and Tommy from Tab Gallery have been very accommodating and friendly.

lenny n

Google・30 Mar 2022

​​​​​​​Wesley have a fine eye for detail and will always double check for confirmation with us before proceeding with any work


Google・30 Mar 2022

Aftercare services to help us with the wiring as my parents do not know how to set up certain stuff even though it is not in their scope. Overall very professional and responsive. Definitely would recommend them.

Goh Jun Hui

FB・23 Mar 2022

The IDs from Tab Gallery were responsible and accountable throughout the whole renovation process.

Jess Chen

FB・17 Mar 2022

Michael and Crystal had been very patient and understanding during the process of helping us achieve our dream home.

Cha Hee Chai

FB・12 Mar 2022

We highly recommend Tab Gallery, and especially Wayne if you need any kind of renovation services.

Helen Tan

Google・09 Mar 2022

Was referred by a friend to Tab Gallery. Had a pleasant experience with them as a first time home owner. ​​​​​​​Will definitely recommend to friends and go back to them in the future.

Lester Yap

FB・6 Mar 2022

Andy and his team were incredibly professional for our recent renovations.

Thea Soh WQ

Google・23 Feb 2022

​​​​​​​After sales service is good as well. We have no complain regarding service, material and workmanship!

Nad Ismail

FB・5 Feb 2022

Shawn is understanding towards our needs and finances regardless of day and time.

Roderick Tan

FB・26 Jan 2022

Our family was well served by Tommy. He is very patient and dependable.

Elya Khoe

FB・25 Jan 2022

Big thanks to Zihao and Matthew from Tab Gallery for being with me along my home renovation journey.

Pat Wong

Google・17 Jan 2022

We engaged Tab Gallery as our ID for the renovation works as we found the quote to be reasonable.

Ong Fah

FB・28 Dec 2021

It is indeed choosing Shawn the ID with Tab Gallery was proven to be a pleasant journey.

Ivy Lim Bee Ju

FB・13 Dec 2021

Appreciate Tab Gallery ID Shawn for the good work!

Fad Fad Fad

FB・12 Dec 2021

Tommy assist us with the renovation of out HDB flat. We mostly communicate through whatsapp and he is super responsive.

Yi Ling Ho

Google・10 Dec 2021

Our Interior designer, Crystal and Hana, are very professional and friendly.


Google・07 Dec 2021

Our bto renovation is handled by project manager Jessie and sales ID Gabriel, along with the chief coordinator Michael.

Azhar Tan

FB・05 Dec 2021

However, you can have trust and faith in them that they will listen to your feedback and get it rectified accordingly.

Henry Lim

FB・02 Dec 2021

Good professional service! Family members were able to stay in during the renovation period

Lingham Paul

Google・20 Nov 2021

Did renovation to my 3 room flat in Telok Blangah, Shino was my id, a great id,

Sasikala Thava Raja

Google・18 Nov 2021

Ms Sabrina was very professional, accommodating and reliable throughout the whole renovation process.

Armelia Arif

FB・16 Nov 2021

Sean and hana is very professional in their services

Kelvin Khoo

Google・06 Nov 2021

Very pleasent and helpful IDs to help out us out to break down the cost of the renovations of the house

Tong Yhee Hang

FB・31 Oct 2021

​​​​​​​Our ID – Elson and Hana never ever disappointed us for the whole renovation process yet still providing additional service, professional advice to make our house look nicer and complete.

Louis Tan

Google・13 Oct 2021

Good experience with Tommy.

Ivy Ng

FB・9 Oct 2021

​​​​​​​Jabien, in particular, handled the whole project well and was friendly and easily contactable throughout.

Eeda Sweetie

Google・05 Oct 2021

It was indeed a very seamless journey with him. Constant updates from him sets our minds at ease.

Juno Ong

Google・05 Oct 2021

My house were Renovated by Tab gallery Tommy.

Nelson Liu

Google・05 Oct 2021

A very big thank you to Interior Designer Tommy Ong from Tab Gallery, who is there every step of the way during the renovation of my parent's place.

Serene Nai

Google・05 Oct 2021

Highly recommended! Five stars 🌟 to our ID Tommy

Gomathi Ganga Devi Dasi

FB・05 Oct 2021

Sabrina did a wonderful job on my 20 years old HDB flat transforming it to a brand new apartment.

Aaron Cooper

FB・15 Sep 2021

Recently finished our first new home renovation with Shawn from Tab Gallery.

Ralph Davidson

FB・14 Sep 2021

Tommy and the Team were a great help and support.

Chris Liew

FB・13 Sep 2021

I worked with Elson and Hana from Tab Gallery.

Ella Easriella

FB・11 Sep 2021

Here's a big shout out to our ID Elson.

Eeda Sweetie

FB・04 Sep 2021

Just got our house completed by ID Apple and Tommy.

Alister Ng

FB・03 Sep 2021

I would also like to recommend our ID, "Uncle" Tommy who was very efficient

Shawn Ha

Google・15 Aug 2021

Thanks Shawn and Hana for delivering the project on time

Steven JH Tan

FB・05 Aug 2021

Our ID Sabrina have done a great job for our renovation even though it’s not a big project.

Nayer Soh

FB・05 Aug 2021

We would love to recommend our ID Elson and Hana from Tab Gallery !

Christopher Liew

Google・30 July 2021

I worked with Elson and Hana from Tab Gallery. I would say that the result of the renovation is way more better than I had imagined.

Ximin1821 Ko

Google・30 July 2021

I’m glad and 5 stars to Andy and his team!

Soh Wei Sian

FB・28 July 2021

ID Elson walked me through the conceptualisation and was able to work within my budget.

Ina Yas

FB・23 July 2021

5 stars for WAYNE in tab gallery!

Iskandar Ishak

Google・22 July 2021

Our home was renovated by Andy & his team almost a year ago.

Maddy Woo

Google・15 July 2021

Crystal, whom i was working with for this project, was very prepared and professional.

Yusrin Yusof

FB・12 July 2021

Met Andy 6 months prior to key collection. He was cheerful and bubbly person. Everything went smooth and delivers on time. He makes sure everything is under control.

Verlin Tan

Google・08 July 2021

Very good after sales service provided by our ID, Wayne.

Nabilah Rahman

FB・08 July 2021

Our ID, Mr Tommy was quick with his responses and easy to work with as we have engaged him previously.

Kenneth Lee

Google・17 June 2021

Worked with Hana for our new BTO. Friendly service and responsible.

Oshin Joo

FB・09 June 2021

My Interior Designer Tommy has been really patient with us and ever giving his commitments and time to accommodate to our needs and wants.

Ray Li

FB・03 May 2021

Special thanks to Elson, our ID whom did not disappoint us and proof that my decision was right.

Shwe Waddy

Google・29 April 2021

We worked with Shawn for our home renovation and we’re really happy with the result.

Allen Tuh

FB・25 April 2021

Our ID is Sabrina. She is very friendly and helpful. She helped us to rush for renovation progress.

Chong FweeLin

FB・27 April 2021

It’s my privilege to have Michael and Gabriel to walk me through the entire renovation process.

Ummi Emma Chapzz

FB・25 April 2021

Wanna take this opportunity to thank Michael, Kevin & their team for helping us & guiding us through almost completing our home renovation journey.

Nur Asyikin

FB・23 April 2021

Overall, I'm happy & satisfied with the work Elson did and Tab Gallery as a reno company.

Amirah Rahaman

FB・17 April 2021

Michael and Gabriel are very responsive and have been there from the start till end.

Divya D/O Thachinamoorthi

Google・15 April 2021

A very big thank you to tommy from tab gallery for guiding us through our home renovation journey.

Elizaa John

FB・6 April 2021

Andy, my amazing ID, was a dream to work with all the way.

Zachary Shah

FB・4 April 2021

Definitely would recommend Tommy to my friends and family again. Price wise is reasonable compared to many places we looked at before.

Iris Hong

FB・3 April 2021

Wayne definitely went extra miles to ensure the satisfactory of my family.

Jenica Faith Chong

FB・6 March 2021

My ID was Hana Cheng, she listen to what I want and gave really good advices on what should be done.

Nur Syafeeqah

FB・3 March 2021

What attract us the most to Tab Gallery was our designer Hana.

Nyza Nedlisya

FB・1 Feb 2021

Reliable and recommended ID Wayne!

Nelson Liu

FB・1 Feb 2021

What I really appreciated is that Tommy is always professional and responsible

Nurhin Saripi

FB・24 Jan 2021

Initially we admit it was difficult to find a contractor let alone an ID that can perform and commit in getting ready our dream home in the midst of this Covid 19 period. We are quite skeptical to engage any ID that are able to deliver what we want for our home.

Siti Snerah

FB・19 Jan 2021

The trust that my brother-in-law gave to Mr Tommy Ong of Tab Gallery

Sabariah Rashid

FB・19 Oct 2020

When your project manager is Micheal, you know you are in good hands.

Jiaying Chan

FB・18 Oct 2020

Hana is a very responsible and responsive.

Hairini Hamzah

FB・06 Oct 2020

When we first got to know Tommy, we shared on some of our ideas and the tight budget.

Daania Charizz CE

FB・03 Oct 2020

Andy was very accommodating and listened to what we required.

Harshita Agarwal

FB・02 Oct 2020

I’m really thankful to Saren for helping me out and giving me great advice:)

Nadia Moriarty

FB・24 Sept 2020

Tommy's experience and expertise have made the renovation process an easy one for me.

Andrew Kayden Hong

FB・20 Aug 2020

Tommy was attentive in ensuring that our ideas were communicated clearly to him and were also honest in advising us on what would work

Haslinda Fairus

FB・20 Aug 2020

James is very friendly and always gives us different alternatives for every corner of the house.

Kartika Rosli

FB・18 Aug 2020

He has been very patient and a great help since it was our first time renovating a house.

Newiep Peiwen

FB・18 Aug 2020

we were so glad that we went with Tab Gallery and got to work with Michael and Kelvin on our first home.

Ang Evelyn

Google・11 Aug 2020

Gabriel and his professional team that made my ideal house into reality.

SalhaRiz Salehan

FB・05 Aug 2020

I’m just happy and satisfied for the efficiency, quality & reasonable price.

Jamie Lee

FB・29 July 2020

It was a great experience!

Louis Tan

FB・16 July 2020

He’ll go to all lengths to get your work done. He’s very knowledgeable in his technical stuffs and would advice you even before you engage him.

Juno Ong

FB・16 July 2020

Tommy help me with my salon Reno .. details n responsible.. frequently update as well.. thumps up..

Bala Murugan G

FB・16 July 2020

Tommy Ong is the Man. He is my ID with vast experience in the Reno industry.

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