What Our Clients Say About Us

Ray Li

FB・03 May 2021

Selection of materials was another headache but he was really patient and guided us thru the selection.

Allen Tuh

FB・25 April 2021

She is very friendly and helpful. She helped us to rush for renovation progress.

Chong FweeLin

FB・27 April 2021

Indeed Tab Gallery has fulfilled their company vision of “Making Your Home A Sanctuary”, turning my resale HDB into a sanctuary.

Ummi Emma Chapzz

FB・25 April 2021

Tab Gallery has been our top choice. This is our 2nd time engaging them

Nur Asyikin

FB・23 April 2021

He is always quick to respond and rectify.

Amirah Rahaman

FB・17 April 2021

I must say that finding a contractor that we can rely and trust on is definitely the hardest thing we ever had to deal with especially when our experience with the previous contractor was not so pleasant.

Divya D/O Thachinamoorthi

Google・15 April 2021

From proposing practical designs to ensuring all the reno works were properly done, tommy really made our journey a breeze. He patiently advised us on design options and gave us recommendations when needed too.

Elizaa John

FB・6 April 2021

One thing is for sure - Tab Gallery stands by their tagline.

Zachary Shah

FB・4 April 2021

Definitely would recommend Tommy to my friends and family again. Price wise is reasonable compared to many places we looked at before.

Iris Hong

FB・3 April 2021

We are glad that we make the wise choice to select Tab Gallery as our ID firm out of others!

Jenica Faith Chong

FB・6 March 2021

Was recommended by my friend to Tab Gallery. At first was feeling so stressful abt the cost of the renovation. But thank God,

Nur Syafeeqah

FB・3 March 2021

We shared our thoughts and within a short period, she came back with a design that won our heart.

Nyza Nedlisya

FB・1 Feb 2021

Reliable and recommended ID Wayne! Always helpful and be there personally to help any issue with my house renovation.

Nelson Liu

FB・1 Feb 2021

Tab Gallery offered us the most competitive and appealing package, while taking into consideration all our renovation needs.

Nurhin Saripi

FB・24 Jan 2021

Initially we admit it was difficult to find a contractor let alone an ID that can perform and commit in getting ready our dream home in the midst of this Covid 19 period. We are quite skeptical to engage any ID that are able to deliver what we want for our home.

Siti Snerah

FB・19 Jan 2021

He is a dedicated ID who takes pride of his work. The renovation process was also a breeze with daily updated schedule with photographs and video.

Vigneshwari PooBalan (Vicky)

FB・19 Nov 2020

He even took the effort to physically drop by to oversee unit, which is a plus point

Sabariah Rashid

FB・19 Oct 2020

Honestly,we would recommend him and his good company to anyone.

Jiaying Chan

FB・18 Oct 2020

She answer our queries and assist us patiently.

Hairini Hamzah

FB・06 Oct 2020

He guided and provided suggestions after listening to us.

Daania Charizz CE

FB・03 Oct 2020

The whole experience was smooth.

Harshita Agarwal

FB・02 Oct 2020

I’m really thankful to Saren for helping me out and giving me great advice:)

Nadia Moriarty

FB・24 Sept 2020

He is honest and amicable and the quotation provided was of a reasonable price.

Lyza RatuRella

FB・11 Sept 2020

definitely recommend to other

Si Pari Pari

FB・24 Aug 2020

we would like to thanked Tab Gallery, especially Mr Kevin Neo for helping us schedule a last minute request to do a minor renovation for our home.

Andrew Kayden Hong

FB・20 Aug 2020

Engaging an interior designer can be an extremely daunting experience.

Haslinda Fairus

FB・20 Aug 2020

Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Kartika Rosli

FB・18 Aug 2020

He has been very patient and a great help since it was our first time renovating a house.

Newiep Peiwen

FB・18 Aug 2020

As first time home owners, we were so glad that we went with Tab Gallery

Ang Evelyn

Google・11 Aug 2020

Professional team that made my ideal house into reality

Mnas 11

Google・19 Aug 2020

They catered to our budget and gave their professional advices and ideas.

SalhaRiz Salehan

FB・05 Aug 2020

I’m just happy and satisfied for the efficiency, quality & reasonable price.

Ben Le

FB・02 Aug 2020

They always listen to customer’s need and advice the best option, Their service is wonderful and affordable too!

Jamie Lee

FB・29 July 2020

It was a great experience!

Louis Tan

FB・16 July 2020

He’ll go to all lengths to get your work done. He’s very knowledgeable in his technical stuffs and would advice you even before you engage him.

Juno Ong

FB・16 July 2020

Tommy help me with my salon Reno .. details n responsible.. frequently update as well.. thumps up..

Bala Murugan G

FB・16 July 2020

Tommy Ong is the Man. He is my ID with vast experience in the Reno industry.

Kelly Kai Ling

FB・16 July 2020

Andy was responsive to our queries & provides timely updates & progress of the reno work.

MK Ghui

FB・11 July 2020

In a world of social media, comparisons and benchmarking is definitely inevitable. And with such information transparency, it drives competition even higher

Eric Liu

FB・04 July 2020

He provide good/useful suggestions and modify the contractor teams accordingly to the changes and feedback made by us

Hazel Chua

FB・03 July 2020

Extremely patient in walking me through some of the ideas, explaining to me what the pros and cons in making certain choices for my home design.

IMiss You

FB・3 July 2020

The man that I trust to do home renovation with peace of mind.

Serene Ong

FB・03 July 2020

Overall great service and was able to fit within our tight Budget and timeline when we have to shift in within 2 months.

Ahmad Muliadi

FB・3 July 2020

Honest and straightforward and advised me on what's best functionally to do and avoid.

Azman Echa

FB・01 April 2020

The workmanship is EXCELLENT!🤩

Adawiya A. Rahman

FB・23 March 2020

We are glad and appreciative to have engaged them as our contractor ID.

Nurul Syahidah

FB・23 March 2020

A beautiful and warm home which we so happily come back to.

Craze Thyme

FB・19 March 2020

Nothing beats the workmanship and quality from TAB Gallery

Hayati Jumat

FB・20 March 2020

I chose to engage them after surveying more than 5 diff IDs/reno contractors.

Muhd Noahh

FB・18 March 2020

Definitely a recommended designer for those who would want to renovate their house in the future with him. Andy deserve a stunning 5 🌟 for all his effort and patience he has given to us.

Helen Lee

Google・12 March 2020

Always providing useful tips and advice

WZ Feng

Google・12 March 2020

We will highly recommend Tab gallery, it’s the solution to your problems!

Afdil Armson

Google・11 March 2020

We engaged other renovation companies before for our previous houses but nothing beats the workmanship and quality from TAB Gallery.

Faaez Yahya

FB・20 January 2020

He is friendly and response fast to our questions when we have problems.

Nurhidayu Suhaimi

FB・10 Feb 2020

They deserve FIVE stars for their services!

Xiaopingzi Tan (陈素苹)

FB・11 December 2019

Special thanks to the folks in Tab Gallery for a job well done to our new home.

Lq Huang

FB・1 December 2019

Our colleague introduced Michael (Lim) to us, and we were so glad we engaged him as our ID/contractor.

Sim Chai Ying

FB・14 Nov 2019

Good workmanship for the laying of vinyl flooring. Price is also very reasonable.

Threeaqs Umi (Nur)

FB・21 Sept 2019

Great after sales service!

江龙 (姚江龙)

FB・14 Sept 2019

Power la, Tab Gallery, keep up the good aftersales as it's a concern for everyone who spend their money.

May Tsm

FB・14 Aug 2019

With limited budget on hand, we share with them our concern and the style we want.

Shahila Hussain

FB・31 July 2019

We will definitely recommend to our families & friends

Lau Sin Wan (刘心婉)

FB・6 May 2019

We are really pleased with our renovation to engaging with Tab Gallery.

James Tan

Qanvast・30 April 2019

Reliable and Totally Transparent. Trustworthy.

Haziq Hamizi Mazuri

FB・14 April 2019

Recommended as they will give their best efforts to tend to your needs. Go for it!

Gavin Goh

FB・14 Aug 2019

Transforming our first BTO into a place we called home!

Hazmahaqita Nur

FB・13 April 2019

Great service, honest and replies really fast.

Jə-mī'mə Tan

FB・28 March 2019

Good job and keep up the good work!

Nicole Neo (Neo Ai Ling)

FB・28 March 2019

Here we are in our Dream home writing this review, true or not it’s up to individuals, we experienced it and we share it.

Adrian Soh (殇崴郡主)

FB・04 Feb 2019

FB search found them to be highly recommended and it did not go wrong for a bit.

Cher Sze

FB・03 Feb 2019

The professionalism of the team at Tab to make your dream home come to fruition.


FB・28 Jan 2019

​​​​​​​Highly recommended to do vinyl flooring with Tab Gallery.

Sy Wt

FB・27 Jan 2019

It's a gd recommendation the job done well, service, and reasonable price.

Teo Yi Jian

FB・24 Jan 2019

After service was prompt with regards to the touch ups.

Huda Bobinsky

FB・15 Jan 2019

Most importantly we stayed within our budget and didnt have much additional charges.

Abdul Rahmat

FB・13 Jan 2019

We got our house exactly like what we had envisioned and hoped for.

Sha Niz (Shaniz)

FB・10 Jan 2019

Needless to say, Tab Gallery has most of the X values that others do not have.

Fyza Fauzy

FB・09 Jan 2019

Thank you once again for your excellent service. A job well done to all!

Lyndy Mok

FB・27 Dec 2018

I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends.

Belle Lim

FB・29 Nov 2018

The price he quoted for everything is very reasonable.

Supradjo Amat Sopingi

FB・02 Nov 2018

Our flooring was nicely done.

Kden Tan

FB・29 Oct 2018

All the renovation were done within our budget and most importantly, there are ZERO additional charges

Json Lim

FB・14 Oct 2018

We are very satisfied with our vinyl flooring! Will definitely recommend to our family and friends!

Spincer Yeo

FB・02 Oct 2018

Lastly we strongly believe that if they keep on moving in this direction which we have mentioend above, in no time they can be on the same league of those big player in this reno. industries.

Siti Nor'aini A S

FB・22 Sept 2018

Price was reasonable too... Hope it is as durable as it looks...

Roger Cheng (โรเจอร์)

FB・02 Oct 2018

Flexible, accommodative, understanding,reasonable price and listen to customer needs.

Nura Karim Naz Ahmad

FB・18 Aug 2018

True enough with a very very reasonable package price.

Jaslyn Wang

FB・14 Aug 2018

Quotations were pretty reasonable compared with other ID!

Nooraini Rahman

FB・13 Aug 2018

We were also pleased that Tab Gallery offered post renovation services.

Arthur Lim

FB・11 Aug 2018

We were introduced to Tab Gallery when we made our aircon purchase

Lewis Lim

FB・27 July 2018

Tab gallery highly recommended

Aszli Omar

FB・24 July 2018

Recommended, never try never know.


FB・02 July 2018


Jade Aann

FB・19 June 2018

​​​​​​​There are no hidden prices in the quotations and we didn't have to fork out any extras.

Aidil She'smad

FB・11 June 2018

Even did an after service by asking me if I am satisfied with his choice. I was more than satisfied. I was really happy.

Shanice Sua

FB・17 May 2018


Smin Smin

FB・23 April 2018

Even after renovation he still followed up with me because he wanted to make sure that I am happy with my dream home

Samantha Phoon

FB・16 April 2018

​​​​​​​Thumbs up!

Sha Hana

FB・16 April 2018

He is knowledgeable and experienced, so you can be assure he knows what he's doing.

Eugene Ng

FB・02 April 2018

5* ID service from Tab Gallery

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