What Our Clients Say About Us

Mohd Fauzi Yusoff

Google・12 June 2023

I would like to say Thanks A Million to Tommy as not only did he do a tremendous job on the renovation of my house,

Nur Shahidah

Google・4 June 2023

Renovated kitchen and bathrooms recently. Pleased with the outcome which was delivered as per expectation.

Yen Tan

Google・3 June 2023

All his advice are clearly explained and more importantly, practical. And he gives a very assuring presence, so, I feel comfortable to get my doubts cleared.

Fauzi & Mastura Y

Google・6 June 2023

I had my own ideas & showed him photos which I gathered from the web, and Tommy would provide suggestions & gave realistic advices which he finally transformed it into a beautiful & incredible design!

Sakura Joey

Google・24 May 2023

He explained all the possibities on how to design our home in more practical way!

Yong May Yee

Google・16 May 2023

Happy working with Jamie and Hana. Thank you being so responsive and regular updates throughout the renovation project.

Michelle Yii

Google・15 May 2023

A plus point that we have to add on would be the after service


Google・11 May 2023

Michael was prompt in communicating and often sent us updates and explained in detail of our renovation progress and issues faced, he also constantly seeking our inputs and decisions when required.

Dave Koh

Google・10 May 2023

He doesn't ignore customers' feedback and requests even after the warranty period is over.

Siti Snerah

Google・8 May 2023

2 years ago in November 2020, I engaged Mr Tommy Ong of Tab Gallery to do renovation of my unit at Telok Blangah Rise.


Google・6 May 2023

so helpful and proactive..very professional and technically sound..

Pincess Tweet

Google・4 May 2023

Jeffrey and his team for working real hard from morning till late evening to make my dream kitchen came true.

Alan tan

Google・12 April 2023

Communication was quick and effective, and everything was explained clearly as the job progressed. Even after the job has been completed, they are still happy to come out and fix or rectify anything that we find as we settle back into our home.

Lee Karen

Google・10 April 2023

I glad i have make the right choice choosing Tab Gallery as Tommy and Adrian are so passionate and responsible when managing the projects.


Google・20 March 2023

The renovation process was smooth and we did not even visit the place during the entire process.

loo weijie

Google・14 March 2023

Overall experience were awesome!


Google・13 March 2023

Not only 1 time but we engaged twice. They give a good service and fine workmanship.

Perlin Tan

Google・16 Feb 2023

She kept us updated on the renovation schedule and progress which we appreciate a lot. Highly Recommended!

Nuruddin Samsudin

Google・15 Feb 2023

Very understanding and certainly very helpful. Good job! 👍🏻

Omar Shaid

Google・14 Feb 2023

Tiling were professionally done with good workmanship.

Yati N Omar

FB・18 Jan 2023

Good quality and workmanship

Tan Lihoon

Google・14 Jan 2023

Glad to work with them

Lee Bernard

Google・14 Jan 2023

​​​​​​​Will recommend my friends to him should they need house renovation

Catherine Ong

Google・13 Jan 2023

The deadline was also well-kept and our house was finished in due time. Really appreciate Tommy's hard work and creativity in making our house so beautiful.

Kai Huat Chong

FB・30 Dec 2022

Tommy and his team were responsive in every step of my house renovations process,

Soon Huat

Google・24 Dec 2022

A job well done by Tommy and his team

Suzanna Li

Google・22 Dec 2022

Tab Gallery definitely fullfilled 101%.


Google・01 Dec 2022

They have both been professional, reliable and have strong follow up.

Arnab Ghosh

Google・01 Dec 2022

Came across Tab Gallery (TG) as a recommendation from a colleague-friend of mine.. Must say, the team at TG have done a great job with our house!

Wei Ling Tan

Google・29 Nov 2022

Went to a few ID places and Hana left a good impression us as trustworthy and dependable.

Wei Ling

FB・28 Nov 2022

Never regretted to choose tab gallery and Hana in particular.

belvin tan

Google・29 Nov 2022

Hana was very responsive on our concerns and good suggestions based on her experience.

Yeo Kenny

Google・29 Nov 2022

Renovation work was completed on time and works quality is acceptable and at reasonable price.

Hanz Ng

Google・29 Nov 2022

This is our very first time engaging in home renovation and its wasn’t easy for us but you have made this a very friendly, smooth and good experience for us,

Leonard Yeo

Google・29 Nov 2022

Came in as a walked-in customer and was served by Zi Hao. He is warm, friendly and helpful.

Nazrin Md

Google・29 Nov 2022

They also have good and competitive package. Will recommend others to look for them for consultation.

Rosli Osman

Google・29 Nov 2022

Hassle free and understanding to my need


Google・29 Nov 2022

hardworking, helpful, responsive, honest, has a very good attitude


Google・29 Nov 2022

They were both very responsive, detailed and accountable.

mdasri 10

Google・29 Nov 2022

Both of them were professional and accountable.

Ng Han Seng

FB・06 Nov 2022

this is our very first time engaging in home renovation and its wasn’t easy for us but you have made this a very friendly, smooth and good experience for us, we look forward for this journey with you.

Layla Senin

FB・01 Nov 2022

Walked along the Tanjong Katong Complex stores past 7 pm today, did not expect to be greeted by ID Caleb Toh.

Ayu N Asri

FB・31 Oct 2022

We engaged Tab Gallery as our ID after browsing and meeting with at least 5 more other reno companies.

Xyndy Goh

FB・30 Oct 2022

Very pleasant experience.

XXBelle PohXX

Google・29 Oct 2022

Very responsive and we settled everything ASAP! :)

Esther Lee

Google・29 Oct 2022

Niko is a talented inspiring ID.

Kelly Sih

Google・29 Oct 2022

Niko has shared her own views & inspirations which incorporates to our designs.

Chee Seng

FB・23 Oct 2022

Glad to meet up with friendly and helpful staff for our Reno inquiry.

Elrence Lim

Google・23 Oct 2022

​​​​​​​Thanks Adrian for his efforts on ensuring things go smoothly.

Alex Ang

Google・16 Oct 2022

Highly appreciate the work done especially by their designer Crystal and her lovely coordinator Hana.

Espie Vallerie

FB・7 Oct 2022

Matthew from Tab Gallery is very helpful and gave us good advice from planning to execution of a minor project at home.

zi shing

Google・2 Oct 2022

It was a friendly and great experience. Andy and Jasly have given us constructive suggestions with our floor plan.

Alvin Wong

Google・25 Sep 2022

Great experience working with Serene.

Nur Aqidah

FB・24 Sep 2022

Everything is well clear and transparent.​​​​​​​Definitely will recommend others to engage to Tab Gallery and with both of them!

Herman Chan Keng Wee

FB・21 Sep 2022

Price was also value for money and project management was executed smoothly as they had always checked back with us on decisions with timely update and feedback on the renovation timeline.

Sakthi G

Google・16 Sep 2022

I am very impressed with tab Gallery.

Vanessa Anna

FB・16 Sep 2022

Kudos to zihao and his team for the nice work done.


Google・16 Sep 2022

​​​​​​​Jeremy turns out to be more than a Project Manager/ID. He is definitely more like a friend who will oversee your renovation needs professionally and efficiently.

Jie Fang

Google・09 Sep 2022

We bought resale condo and basically redo everything in the rooms, thanks to Tommy and his team for all the hardworking and nice job done.

Jarvis Lee

FB・10 Sep 2022

​​​​​​​Throughout our renovation journey, Tommy had great ideas, was really efficient and effective with our needs

Dawn LS

FB・8 Sep 2022

Came across Tab Gallery through FB. Elson attended site survey in a short notice and provided quotation speedily.

Cai Xi

FB・6 Sep 2022

We had very positive experience with Tab Gallery services.

Karen Sim

Google・02 Sep 2022

​​​​​​​Having worked with a few renovation companies in the past, TAB Gallery rank way at the top in terms of level of customer satisfaction I have experienced, therefore, super highly recommended and a big thank you to Zihao and Matthew for a job well done!


Google・02 Sep 2022

Elson has been an amazing designer I have worked with thus far.

Yoke Yee Happy Piggy

Google・26 Aug 2022

Big thanks to Shawn: my ID from Tab Gallery


Google・19 Aug 2022

Throughout the whole journey, Wesley has been nothing but patient, responsive, accommodating and having a good idea on what I envisage as the end result.

Durai Karikalan

FB・7 Aug 2022

One of the best Reno. Firm doing very good.

Razak Silas

Google・07 Aug 2022

He was very responsive and on-time for the meeting.

Santhi Sellappan

Google・06 Aug 2022

Eleven Chan or Yong Hsiang as I affectionately call him became a good friend who pleasantly surprised me with his service.

Agnes Chan

FB・1 Aug 2022

The quality of carpentry workmanship is commendable. Excellent is all I can say.

ting t

Google・23 July 2022

I'd say this was a challenging project, but you guys nailed it.

Elaine Tan

FB・27 June 2022

The carpenter is also very skillful and friendly. Thanks again for the Good Job done!

Kavitha Subramaniam

Google・18 June 2022

Overall, truly satisfied with the workmanship and service.

Aisyah nazri

Google・18 June 2022

After sales service is good as well. We have no complain regarding service, material and workmanship.

Nurnadiah Sa'ad

Google・4 June 2022

Completion date was way earlier than expected! Really really satisfied with the workmanship and service rendered.

Kimchi Kimchi

FB・28 May 2022

Thumbs up for Tab, Kelvin and Eleven for resolving the issue and it does prove that the company is determined and sincere in doing buisiness and longer term partnership.

Seah Hai Soon

Google・28 May 2022

We are happy that our renovation went smoothly with the efforts given by them.

Kenneth Yee

FB・27 May 2022

We really enjoyed this journey with him and definitely will look for him again in future

Lydia Heng

Google・21 May 2022

The window and carpentry works are also really good

Franco Lim

FB・14 April 2022

Good experience with Tab Gallery’s Crystal and Michael .

Nurul Natasha

FB・12 April 2022

Elson and Wei Jun are very sociable and helpful people! Throughout the whole process of planning to the end of the project and beyond.

Yijun Sheng

Google・6 Apr 2022

该公司人员Crystal 服务耐心,有问题能积极反应,最后还特地过来帮我补墙和补油漆。非常好,非常推荐

Siti Nurtifah Omar

Google・6 Apr 2022

I am glad and grateful to have shawn and hana as our ID.

Ling Weiilun

FB・04 April 2022

A very Big Thanks to Wesley from Tab gallery. Thank you for all the effort and hard work you put in on our renovation project!

E.S. Leet

Google・30 Mar 2022

Jessie and Tommy from Tab Gallery have been very accommodating and friendly.

lenny n

Google・30 Mar 2022

​​​​​​​Wesley have a fine eye for detail and will always double check for confirmation with us before proceeding with any work


Google・30 Mar 2022

Aftercare services to help us with the wiring as my parents do not know how to set up certain stuff even though it is not in their scope. Overall very professional and responsive. Definitely would recommend them.

Goh Jun Hui

FB・23 Mar 2022

The IDs from Tab Gallery were responsible and accountable throughout the whole renovation process.

Jess Chen

FB・17 Mar 2022

Michael and Crystal had been very patient and understanding during the process of helping us achieve our dream home.

Cha Hee Chai

FB・12 Mar 2022

We highly recommend Tab Gallery, and especially Wayne if you need any kind of renovation services.

Helen Tan

Google・09 Mar 2022

Was referred by a friend to Tab Gallery. Had a pleasant experience with them as a first time home owner. ​​​​​​​Will definitely recommend to friends and go back to them in the future.

Lester Yap

FB・6 Mar 2022

Andy and his team were incredibly professional for our recent renovations.

Thea Soh WQ

Google・23 Feb 2022

​​​​​​​After sales service is good as well. We have no complain regarding service, material and workmanship!

Nad Ismail

FB・5 Feb 2022

Shawn is understanding towards our needs and finances regardless of day and time.

Roderick Tan

FB・26 Jan 2022

Our family was well served by Tommy. He is very patient and dependable.

Elya Khoe

FB・25 Jan 2022

Big thanks to Zihao and Matthew from Tab Gallery for being with me along my home renovation journey.

Pat Wong

Google・17 Jan 2022

We engaged Tab Gallery as our ID for the renovation works as we found the quote to be reasonable.

Ong Fah

FB・28 Dec 2021

It is indeed choosing Shawn the ID with Tab Gallery was proven to be a pleasant journey.

Ivy Lim Bee Ju

FB・13 Dec 2021

Appreciate Tab Gallery ID Shawn for the good work!

Fad Fad Fad

FB・12 Dec 2021

Tommy assist us with the renovation of out HDB flat. We mostly communicate through whatsapp and he is super responsive.

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