Andrew Kayden Hong

FB・20 Aug 2020

Engaging an interior designer can be an extremely daunting experience. With all the horror stories you hear of homes not turning out how you want it to be and hidden cost that adds up to push you way over budget, finding an experienced and honest interior designer seems almost like an impossible task. But thankfully, we managed to find someone who ticks all that checklist and that person is Tommy Ong from Tab Gallery.

While we were comparing quotes, there have been IDs that promised the moon and back only for us to discover that a lot of the items that we asked for was not reflected in the quote and would undoubtedly end up as hidden cost.

Right from the get-go, Tommy was attentive in ensuring that our ideas were communicated clearly to him and were also honest in advising us on what would work. His years of experience really shows when we sat down to talk to him and every meeting with him left us a little bit more impressed.

Besides making sure we knew what was happening every step of the way, Tommy went above and beyond by heading down whenever there was any major renovation works to ensure that the renovation would go smoothly.

Being a perfectionist myself, any slight mistakes would stick out like a sore thumb and I can only say that I have never had to deal with this during the renovation process as Tommy paid great attention to details.

While there are so many good things that I can say about our experience with Tommy, the thing that impressed me the most was that when our renovation was put to a halt during the lockdown, Tommy was still taking great effort to communicate with us. Making sure that we knew what was happening within the industry and assured us that he will get our home done up once it is possible.

With that said, thank you, Tommy, for this truly amazing experience and if anyone is looking for a great interior designer. Look no further!