Ang Evelyn

Google惻11 Aug 2020

It has been awhile since I shifted in last September, would like to take this chance to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Gabriel and his professional team that made my ideal house into reality.

Despite shifting in til now, everything still intact and maintain its quality.

I, too agree with anyone who has been through the process of renovation, coordinating with own ideas and ideals to be in place. It’s kinda irritating when the product produced is not what was on your mind in the first place.
As the saying goes, “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.” But definitely there will be hiccups in choices , availability of many factors,
Plus my husband used to be a past interior designer, is very particular and meticulous in every detail. =P
I believe some of my practical requests were kinda off but the option of 3D drawing was available to prove a customer or a designer wrong. (Heehee...)
It’s important cos its once and forever.

Brainy Gabriel -
- Top notch services provided 24/7 when needed
- Reasonable quotation, offers alternatives and possible mashup that you can even thought of as they are experienced as knowledgable in their products in putting the puzzle pieces together.
E.g. Choice of bold marble walk print in wardrobe. (My biggest fav part of all)

Kudos to Carpentry team -
- Good quality provided.
- Excellent finishes.
- Was impressed with the fine workmanship.
- Affordable and reasonable prices.
- Reliable.

Last but not least, if your choice isn’t TabGallery, who else can ...?