Ayu N Asri

FB・31 Oct 2022

We engaged Tab Gallery as our ID after browsing and meeting with at least 5 more other reno companies.

We have not regretted the decision since.

Our ID was ELSON n HANA 🤩

They were both very responsive, detailed and accountable.

Elson explained to us in detail all the pricing and reno bits.

Tiles selection were made less headache due to his suggestions and recommendations.

Hana was the site coordinator. She will always be onsite to check on the reno progress n feedback to us any issues so that decisions can be made fast.

They were also patient with us for making changes in our projects and rectify any shortcomings or issues.

They were also generous with their reno ideas to create our dream home.

Thank you Elson. Thank you Hana. You guys have been great!

Thank you for creating our new home. ❤️