Christopher Liew

Google・30 July 2021

This review is written after 1 month renovation. I worked with Elson and Hana from Tab Gallery. I would say that the result of the renovation is way more better than I had imagined.

Elson was the key person to engage for renovation costing, he would try to advise the project whether it’s cost effective to do so, so you would not fall into unnecessary spending.

From project management perspective, Hana is a very responsive and patient person, she always provides professional feedbacks as soon as possible when we have TONS of question about the project. She never hesitated to give her idea from ID perspective to improve the work although we have a strong base design that we wanted to stick with. Not forget to say, given the heightening alert measure, renovation schedule was even challenging, Hana was very hand-on to do the final touch up.

After renovation, post-follow up is also thumb up, whenever we had a little issue with the renovation, we just texted the team, and the follow-up done in next day! My personal advice to those new home owners when you planned to renovate with Tab Gallery.

You must always do your home work, understand your needs and design that you are looking for, share some pictures of thought. Elson and Hana are definitely good partners to work with but you must also put the effort to understand yourself and so that you can leverage the knowledge from Elson and Hana, to materialise it.I did mine… it turns out amazing work and happy renovation. 😄