Goh Jun Hui

FB・23 Mar 2022

I engaged Tab Gallery for a small renovation of my 3-Room HDB flat, the project was managed by Zi Hao and Matthew.

The IDs from Tab Gallery were responsible and accountable throughout the whole renovation process, the duo went down to the flat frequently to manage the renovation works being done and provided timely updates about the progress of the project.

I have to also applaud their time management. I had approached them at short notice and had given them a considerably small time frame which the projects could be done and they were able to complete the project within the time frame using their extensive networking to push for certain processes to begin earlier without compromising quality.

Both Zi Hao and Matthew are very knowledgeable and approachable, they were able to clarify any doubts that I had regarding the project and it truly felt like I was working hand in hand with them to renovate my dream home.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the work done to my home and I will definitely approach them for any future renovation projects.