Google惻20 March 2023

Having had interactions with Hana at Tab Gallery a couple of years back, we specifically requested for her to handle the renovation for our new place.

The ID companies we went to her left us appalled at how terrible most IDs out there were. We were re-doing the entire place so it was a major project: You would be surprised at how very few actually listen and/or give impractical ideas and we have no patience for that. Hana listened and provided very good suggestions. Her first draft of the drawing was a spot on. We did a lot of refining and the process of finalising the 3D took a long time but she was patient and was always prepared before every meeting. She takes a lot of pride in her work and if something bugs her, she would refine it until it works. The renovation process was smooth and we did not even visit the place during the entire process.

To sum it up, Hana knows her stuff. Best of all, the pricing was reasonable. We faced minor issues with the carpentry work, flooring, plumbing etc after moving in but we understand that renovation work can never be perfect and it is common to find problems once you move in and start using the place. That is why the important thing is to have a responsible project manager that responds and deals with the issues promptly until the place is perfect :)

Good experience with Hana from Tab for sure! Thank you.