Kden Tan

FB・29 Oct 2018

My wife and I want to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to our ID Marco and Yuki who assist us in the selection of our house colors.

We met with various ID but none of them are as passionate as Marco. He is a very experienced and practical person in terms of designing the home and would advise us on what are the things which are necessary and what are not and not forgoing the design of the house. The advises were given even before we engage him as our ID which we can feel his sincerity and I personally think that this an very important factor as there are many things that first time home owner like us are not aware about.

After engaging them, Marco follow up closely with us every week on what need to be done and decision to be made in order for them to proceed. He has done a fantastic job in liaising things for us and also ensure smooth journey for all the weeks we had with them. Workmanship are awesome as there were minor stuffs to be touched up after the final process.

All the renovation were done within our budget and most importantly, there are ZERO additional charges (except for items which we added in ourselves). I love the way that I only need minimum supervision on the project!

Thank you again, Marco and Yuki!