Lyndy Mok

FB・27 Dec 2018

Prior to my review on 29/11/18, finally my kitchen cabinets will be installed today.
The delay is not the contractor's fault, but it was bcos of some fengshui reason, I nid to change some colour combination.
Just a piece of advise to all their potential customers, do all homework & consultation 1st b4 u finalise on the layout & col.
Thereafter if u 1 2 make any alterations, they will charge you a alteration fees which is at their discretion where there is no standard fees or market price for you to make comparison, it all depends on their level of accomodability & honesty (unlike the package price which is standard & transparent).
Our ID Marco has been very patient & helpful throughout the whole process which we sincerely appreciate.
He even give us the xtra service to help us buy the accessories which we will pay him base on the invoice, no additional cost, no mark up (this is wat he told us cos yet to buy the accessories)
which I am not sure other ID will also do that.
will be back for more reviews once the cabinet is complete & bill finalise (including alteration fees & accessories).
Thank you Marco once again. I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends. (kiv my boss doing office renovation soon)