MK Ghui

FB・11 July 2020

In a world of social media, comparisons and benchmarking is definitely inevitable. And with such information transparency, it drives competition even higher.

My compliments to Kevin Neo. He is a person that is passionate, experienced, friendly and trustworthy. He addressed comparisons with honesty and always puts customer's interest first. He's upfront about the cost and what is needed in order to bring our intention into reality.

In terms of designing our home, his first words were "what do you want your home to look like?". With my answer given, he started sketching, dimensioning and colouring. A sketch was all he needed to preview our thoughts and we went through multiple sessions to fine tune the sketch to reality. End result? Absolutely stunning!

In terms of cost, Kevin was very upfront and honest, working around our budget and seeking to gain maximum efficiency to achieve our desired reality. His proposals were down-to-earth, practical and honest. No hidden cost and gimmicks.

My project was unfortunately delayed due to the Circuit Breaker and Kevin never laid his hands down from work. Despite having to stop work, he still makes genuine effort to keep customers updated of the situation which really gave me the assurance that everything is in good hands.

The best part about was the journey throughout the renovation. Each time i go up to my place during renovation at the end of the day, the place was always reasonably clean and tidy. This is not just a tangible outcome but a testament to his attitude and responsibility.

To summarise, having selected Tab Gallery was my best choice and having Kevin assigned to my project was a gift. Thank you very much for making our dream home a reality!