Nasriah Naseer

Google惻13 July 2023

Definitely NO regrets choosing Tab Gallery fr the major renovation of my 5 rm hdb resale flat! Joanne was our ID and she exceeded our expectations. She is very responsive and is very attentive to every little detail. She is honest abt everything such as whether the materials/tiles we choose is good or not. The pros n cons of it. She provides constructive ideas and is very patient. Joanne is also very quick to rectify any mistakes or changes required. She helped make good decisions and always has our interest in mind. Im impressed with the workers as well as they did a really neat job. Overall we are very happy with the results of our reno and are so in love with our home now. Thank you Tab Gallery and big thanks to Joanne fr making our home a beautiful place. We definitely recommend Tab Gallery to anyone who wants to reno their home!