Nur Syafeeqah

FB・3 March 2021

Like many others, we are new home owners and we went around surveying for IDs for our BTO. But what attract us the most to Tab Gallery was our designer, Hana.

We shared our thoughts and within a short period, she came back with a design that won our heart. It’s obvious that Hana isn’t a “cookie cutter” designer but, rather, she really gets to know us and design to our taste. Supported by her manager, they both were experienced in interior designing and the layouts of SG BTOs.

We went down to Tab Gallery office and there were a large variety of options open for us. They didn’t hard sell to us any “old stock” or designs that didn’t suit to our theme.

Despite the Covid-19 situation, our ID always ensure we are up to date with the latest status. We had quite a number of changes made before the start work due to budget limitation and our ID was totally supportive of it.

She helped us review our quotations and make the last-minute changes. As soon as we got our key in Nov 2020, they started planning the work arrangement for tilers, painting and cabinet work. It was flawlessly executed without us needing to interfere or request for updates. We were pretty carefree, focusing more on our newborn baby.

Hana plans well in making sure the right furniture is to be brought in at the right time. Within 2 and half months, we have completed the handover.

To have an ID that treats your home just like hers, is the best deal you can ever get.

Thank you Hana 😊