Sabariah Rashid

FB・19 Oct 2020

Am finally writing after a year of staying in our beautiful home. The reason why I took my time is because, anyone can renovate your home.

But can they work closely with you in maintaining it after. And the after sales service that I received from Tab Gallery, Michael particularly is beyond.

Only when u live in the home then the home's true colours started showing and Tab Gallery was really on it. Michael was one of the few renovation company that I met and he was honest, genuine, and very real about the dos and donts of a home. He stick to our budget closely and even went against some of my unrealistic ideas. Michael was kind, accommodating and patient throughout. Honestly,we would recommend him and his good company to anyone.

We so understand that no renovation works is smooth sailing, but when your project manager is Micheal, you know you are in good hands.

Thank you Tab Gallery for walking with us on this journey. We are grateful!