Saliza annuar

Google惻16 July 2023

After reading abt nightmare IDs, we decided to only engage a well established company for our next reno journey. However, getting a good ID is by luck. We are quite busy so we needed someone who can help oversee our renovation and give us sound ideas. We have budget constraint and do not have time on our side. As we needed to move by a certain date. Not only that, we dont really know the design we have in our head will be sustainable long term.

We walked into Tab Gallery thinking that its just gonna be one of the random ID companies we talked to. But ended up engaging them.

From the start, Zihao was aware of our budget constraints. Despite that, he still talked to us. After much deliberation, we decided to engage him because
- Very Responsive : He’s available all the time
- Detailed : of course during our first meet up, we have some missing things. But he filled them up so we know that the quotation he gave us is almost there
- on time : he got back to us swiftly with the quotations. Even when we made changes
- value for money : we got our vulcan as our tabletop and backsplash. My husband only wanted vulcan for his tabletop and Zihao was able to give us a good price per sq foot run

During the course of the reno, instead of us chasing our ID, it was the other way round. He seemed more excited about our project than us. He gave us prompt updates. There were hiccups here and there and he was quick to rectify them. He liaised with our vendors, so that they wont foil our house design, even if its external (not engaged through him).

The vendors engaged through him were all kind, polite and nice. We could go to our house and talk to them. They also took great pride in their work. There was a bit of a delay because the carpenter was very meticulous when doing up our fluted wall from scratch.

We were very grateful for his time and advices. Thank god we didnt proceed with the design we have in mind as the ideas given by him were more sustainable long run. Thank you Zihao for a pleasant and uneventful reno journey.