Tong Yhee Hang

FB・31 Oct 2021

For us renovation process was never easy because this is our first house. There are so many ID and contractor out there, but luckily we make a very wise decision to engage Tab Gallery.

Our ID – Elson and Hana never ever disappointed us for the whole renovation process yet still providing additional service, professional advice to make our house look nicer and complete.

They are very prompt in reply and also patiently answer all our enquiries. Even though sometime we have outrageous idea, they also willing to share for the pros and cons by doing this. This means a lot to us, or especially you are first time owner.

Besides that, Elson also try his best to keep our renovation costing within our budget and still very cost effective to do. So, end up we wouldn’t fall into any unnecessary spending. Every single service was listed down properly with explanation.

Hana, very responsive and also constantly update us with the latest movement with photographs and video. We no need to worry about the renovation process and also save our hassle to go on site. They will seek our confirmation before taking any action.

The whole journey is impressive and we are very happy for new house revamp.

Thanks for completing our new house in 2 months’ time, and all the effort that both of you put.

We highly recommend Elson and Hana from Tab Gallery, who can be trusted!